Saturday, July 03, 2010

"A House for Every Worker" ...

... is one thing.

But now it's: "A Castle for Every Piece of White Trash."

Well, we sadly all know who the couple in the first picture is, but who is the other one?

Believe it or not, it's our new head of state with his current wife. Angela Merkel's candidate Christian Wulff won in the third round of voting the election to become Germany's next president. The high office is largely ceremonial, however, Germans like to be able to identify with the office holder and his wife. Wulff was governor of the state of Lower Saxony since 2003 and will be at 51 the youngest president in Germany's history.

Wulff, who is a lawyer by profession, is one of those typical empty-faced, profile- and characterless career politicians whom we exactly do NOT want in that office. But then, maybe we do.

Yes, it gets worse. In March 2008, after the divorce from his much-respected first wife of almost 20 years, the lawyer Christa, he married wife #2, with whom he had already fathered a child while still married to his first wife. Wife #2, 14 years his junior, has another child, as it is so preciously put, "from a previous relationship".

It gets still worse. This is our brand new "first lady":

Foto: Reuters.

The conservative *giggle* FAZ, who informs us that people with tattoos are keen on making new experiences (which fits the second Mrs. Wulff to a "T") and more ready to go off the beaten track than others, qualities, which ought to be seen as a good omen for German politics, asked:
What is that supposed to be? A keyhole with licking tongues of flame surrounding it ...?
Well, to play Old Dr. Freud: Not really a KEYhole.

However, bad as all this may be, the good thing is that we will be rid of Wulff and the Missus (whoever she may be then) in 5 or 10 years, the latter if the worst-case scenario happens. This comes, mind you, from a supporter of the monarchist thought who was badly burnt by the recent -- sortof -- royal wedding where the future Queen of Sweden married a gigolo form the fish'n chips shop her "fitnesstrainer".

I think I'll have to seriously re-consider my monarchist stance.

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Bruce Church said...

Article on German Prez that has picture of his kids by a previous marriage. They seem to be decent kids, or else he would not have brought them along to Israel. I'd bet any kids of his tatooed second wife wouldn't be as good:,7340,L-3990911,00.html

The_Editrix said...

It was the daughter from his first (Catholic) marriage. His wife is highly respected. It's a poor girl. Like many girls in her situation she is seeking the friendship of her father's new one to be able to cope with the situation. It must be extremely hurtful for her mother. The tattooed concubine has a pre-marital child with Wulff and another one "from a previous relationship" -- as the current cute-ism goes. The debased media is over the moon about such a hip "patchwork family" representing our country.

The problem is that men do marry women now, with whom they would have had just a clandestine affair a generation ago.